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Watch Aladdin Putlocker Full Movie Aladdin is my 3rd favorite Disney movie (behind The Little Mermaid & The Lion King) Watch Aladdin Online Putlocker 1992 The characters in Aladdin are likable. The genie is one of my favorite Disney characters Watch Aladdin Putlocker Streaming Free Disney could not have picked a better choice to voice him than Robin Williams. Jasmine is my second favorite princess (behind Ariel) Watch “Aladdin” Online FreeI think Jasmine is underrated when compared to the other princesses. I don’t understand why Cinderella is so popular! She is a wimp! She accepts her family abuse! Jasmine would never put up with people treating her like crap! I am not crazy about Aladdin as a character but I still enjoy this movie  Aladdin Putlocker Watch Full Movie The music could have been better but I still loved everything else about this film. I hope this film comes out on blu ray sometime. This is the only Disney movie (of my favorites) that is missing in my collection.