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Alice in Wonderland

Watch Alice in Wonderland Putlocker Full Movie What a time to be a child! Today is so tainted with obviousness and technological abundance that the age of imagination seems long over. As a future father, I hope my child would walk on the edge of a sidewalk imagining it’s a tightrope above a ravine, or avoiding the red paved stones that would be bottomless pits Watch Alice in Wonderland Online Putlocker 1951  I wish modernity would never destroy this treasure which is imagination, the only natural craving to never be fully satisfied. Watch Alice in Wonderland Putlocker Streaming Free And Lewis Carrol’s “Alice in Wonderland” pushes this natural thirst for escapism to an overdose-like limit, featuring one of the richest and most colorful galleries of character in literature’s history, so many peculiar creatures that have enriched our memories, from a wisecracking cat to a hurried rabbit, a gluttonous walrus or a tyrannous Queen. Just like “The Wizard of Oz” or “The Little Prince”, we follow the journey of a child, embarked (or trapped) in a fantastic world where friendly and hostile encounters would provide valuable lessons. Both picaresque and coming-of-age stories, their timeless and universal appeal wakes up children’s capability to learn from imagination, the closest form of philosophy for a child, the eternal dream of a world ‘over the rainbow’ or under a river, where dreams come true. Watch “Alice in Wonderland” Online Free And who was more entitled, skilled and anticipated than Walt Disney to adapt this literary exhilaration of imagination into a film… to unfortunately meet with relative disappointment. Indeed, regardless of the film’s initial intent, it obviously didn’t succeed, and exploring the reasons of this mixed reaction made me wonder if the project wasn’t doomed from the beginning Alice in Wonderland Putlocker Watch Full Movie White and the Seven Dwarfs” to “Cinderella”, were adapted from fairy-tale stories, short enough to leave room for new plot devices, artistic licenses, memorable songs or better characterizations of the villains and peripheral characters. Yet “Alice in Wonderland” features so many characters that even a ratio of one-per-minute wouldn’t have been enough to cover the 60-minute format, and it’s such a classic of literature it inevitably compromised any attempt to deviate from the original story