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Finding Nemo

Watch Finding Nemo Putlocker Full Movie40 years ago, when my generation were kids we were traumatized by the story of Bambi  Watch Finding Nemo Online Putlocker 2003For some, that story was their first contact with the concept of “tragedy”. 40 years later the kids of today have their “Bambi” too – in “Finding Nemo” although that parallel (Nemo losing his mum = Bambi losing his mum) is quickly glossed over by the the rest of the story taking place  Watch Finding Nemo Putlocker Streaming Free However, at the end of the story (which is a wonderful story by the way minus the “Bambi Effect”) you still have a “kid” who lost his mother, but all of that HAS BEEN FORGOTTEN. Wow! Losing one’s mum is not a nice experience for any child – not now, not in the past, and never in the future. How was it for Bambi? How SHOULD IT have been for Nemo? How many of you readers reading this thought of that? Watch “Finding Nemo” Online Free This is by far one of the best animated movies ever as it is of a fish who is accidentally taken by a scuba diver and his dad doing whatever it takes to save his son. The movie is magical and such a great family film to see Finding Nemo Putlocker Watch Full Movie The movie starts with a clown fish family settling in happy to their new home but a barracuda is scene and attacks the family, knocking out the father cold. When he wakes up, his wife is dead and only one of his babies remains and calls him Nemo. After Nemo is captured, his father meets a fish named Dory and they go on a magical adventure together that is so well done. Nemo then wakes up in a fish tank in a dentist office and meets some other fish and crabs and a star fish and form a friendship, but must escape before he is sold to the dentist’s niece who hurts fish