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Iron Man 3

Watch Iron Man 3 Putlocker Full Movie Most movie franchises are born from a great blockbuster of a first installment and then equally or more expensive sequels that draw people to the box office. It’s upon the movie staff and execs to put together a cohesive story in order to ensure the survival of that franchise. Iron Man is no different Watch Iron Man 3 Online Putlocker 2013 Marvel can practically mint money right now with their various exploits. That being said, Iron Man 3 did not wow me like I wanted. Iron Man 3 had the great fortune of following up a lackluster part 2 but the misfortune of following up the first Iron Man.Watch Iron Man 3 Putlocker Streaming FreeThe story was OK. It was actually too much to it. Sometimes, in an effort to break from the herd, many movies will convolute a plot to make it better when that only makes it worse. Many comic book nemeses are born from tragedy and pain that is universally understood and then others are born from simple slights (real or not Watch “Iron Man 3″ Online Free The nemesis in this movie was from the latter type. The contrived, shallow and very uninteresting latter type. That’s not enough to ruin a movie, but it is certainly enough to hamper it Iron Man 3 Putlocker Watch Full Movie here was a lot I liked and yet a lot I didn’t like, but in the end there wasn’t enough Iron Man