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Kung Fu Panda

Watch Kung Fu Panda Putlocker Full Movie I received this on DVD for Christmas in 2008 because I wanted to see it at the cinema but didn’t get around to seeing it. When I finally watched it on DVD, I felt somewhat disappointed and underwhelmed because it didn’t meet all of my expectations.  Watch Kung Fu Panda Online Putlocker 2008The weak points of this film include Po’s father being a goose (it makes no sense, despite the fact that he’s a supportive character), the darker scenes being less detailed than those in daylight, some scenes being forgettable and the ending being somewhat silly and abrupt, in spite of the emotion of Shifu apparently dying but in fact he finds peace  Watch Kung Fu Panda Putlocker Streaming Free The film is also clichéd in places such as including a number of uses of slow-motion, one of the Furious Five telling Po he’d be late for work in his dream at the beginning and his father saying the same when Po awakens and Tai Lung falling through the ground leaving a hole in his shape upon Po defeating him Watch “Kung Fu Panda” Online Free  Also the majority of the Furious Five only have names that are the same as their species, although Tigress is the most inventive name of them allKung Fu Panda Putlocker Watch Full Movie On a more positive note, this film has a well-known voice cast; epic martial arts action scenes; the twists and turns of the dumpling scene between Po and Shifu; the back-story of Tai Lung (he looked very cute there); the fight between the Furious Five and Tai Lung on the rope bridge (the bridge itself was reminiscent of Shrek), and some funny moments, especially Po imitating Shifu when he and the Furious Five eat noodles. I also like the 2D animation in Po’s dream (despite the cliché I mentioned earlier) and the end credits as well as the beautiful illustrations for the majority of the end credits (making them unique from having them scroll up a black background) and the post-credits scene where Shifu offers Po a dumpling and Po accepts. I could relate to Po in a sense because he eats when he’s upset (I.e. comfort eating) and I’ve eaten for comfort in the past