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Monsters University

Watch Monsters University Putlocker Full Movie It seems that the feel of the Disney Pixar movies that we all used to know and love have somewhat diminished.The uniqueness that excelled previous Disney Pixar movies were not shown at all in this and proves to be an overall a pretty average prequel which makes for an OK family experience with you’re kids Watch Monsters University Online Putlocker 2013Basically, the comedic slapstick and humor from Monsters Inc. could not be seen and this can be justified by the minimal amount of laughter coming from the more mature audiences. Don’t get me wrong, there is still enjoyable moments and the site of Mike and the whole cast such as Randall bring back some great moments from Monsters Inc. The plot line gives answers to fans from the previous movie as well as provides a well animated enjoyable timeĀ  Watch Monsters University Putlocker Streaming Free You may say that Pixar has taken a hole notch down from where they were a few years ago but this can’t be said for all the sequels and newer movies such as Toy Story 3, Cars, Brave and Up. By no means is Monsters University comparable to the golden age of Pixar but it seems to be a mildly disappointing prequel to a movie such as Monsters Inc Watch “Monsters University” Online FreeWhat a great movie!! Disney finally did a movie RIGHT! What a great message to send out- especially to the school age children that will get it!!! Glad to have taken our small children, who are ages 3 and 5. Definitely cute enough for the small kids to see it. Some scary parts here and there – hoping my kids will still go to bed and sleep OK tonight – but not terribly scary. I am so happy to finally see a movie sending out good messages for the kids that WILL get itĀ  Monsters University Putlocker Watch Full Movie Very funny for the adult entertainment! Would go see it again! The whole message is to never give up on your dreams no matter how many people/ how much they put you down; use your smarts to get ahead and a great emphasis on teamwork! Good Work Pixar/ Disney