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Watch Pocahontas Putlocker Full MovieI recently just watched this movie and was shocked how great this movie really is. I’m surprised how negative everyone is about the historical accuracy  Watch Pocahontas Online Putlocker 1995 It’s a Disney movie, an animated children’s movie. Of course, it’s not suppose to accurate. The point of the movie is to deliver a message to children, not to teach 6, 7, 8 year olds historical facts. Yes this movie is “hollywood-ized” but like I said it’s a Disney film whose purpose is to entertain not to inform Watch Pocahontas Putlocker Streaming FreeIt delivers a beautiful message especially with the song savages. Both sides sing the same song to show how similar they are. They had this message earlier with the song, “Colors of the Wind”. Also, it teaches children to follow their hearts and not follow the crowd/mob mentality Watch “Pocahontas” Online Free If you’re really judging this movie solely on historical accuracy, that is just plain dumb. I mean seriously, are you really trying to teach your kids history through a Disney movie Pocahontas Putlocker Watch Full Movie Underwhelming. That was my first thought after finishing Pocahontas. Granted, my expectations may have been a bit high, but this IS renaissance Disney after all. Frankly, Pocahontas is not one of Disney’s greats, or even one of their goods. It’s a mediocre film with some marvelous musical numbers placed between uninteresting filler