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Watch Prometheus Putlocker Full Movie I’m writing this a year after the theatrical release of Prometheus, a film that was preceded by, and ultimately fell victim to, a manic level of hype and expectation Watch Prometheus Online Putlocker 2012 A prequel, or as it turned out, not-so-distant-cousin to Ridley Scott’s landmark sci-fi horror masterpiece ALIEN, Prometheus was an audacious endeavor from the get-go Watch Prometheus Putlocker Streaming Free Bestowed with the impossible task of living up to its for-bearer who over more than 30 years spawned three official sequels, two bastard spin offs (those AVP abortions) near countless comic book iterations, and influenced filmmakers, designers and pop culture in genera Watch “Prometheus” Online FreePrometheus also saw the return of Scott to the genre he helped define in cinematic terms so how could it ever completely satisfy such a sprawling legacy? Scott and 20th Century Fox did successfully maintained a high level of secrecy throughout production with Scott cleverly saying on numerous occasions that his new film stemmed from the ‘DNA of Alien’. At the time we had no idea what he meant. After a long period of silence an aggressive marketing campaign kicked in  Prometheus Putlocker Watch Full Movie The posters and trailers were fantastic and awe inspiring, spawning endless viral videos and images online all the while maintaining the mystery. Was Prometheus actually an Alien prequel after all? How did all these pieces fit together with the aforementioned 30 year legacy? A year on from the release of Prometheus some are still asking these and countless other questions