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Space Jam

Watch Space Jam Putlocker Full MovieSpace Jam is a family live-action and animated sports comedy film that features Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes characters.In the movie, Jordan must help the Looney Tunes gang with a basketball game against a group of outer space creatures whose plan, if they win, is to kidnap the Looney Tunes and take them to a failing intergalactic amusement park as the latest attraction.Also starring Academy Award-nominee Bill Murray and Wayne Knight. It was directed by Joe Pytka with Tony Cervone and Bruce W. Smith directing the animation.   Watch Space Jam Online Putlocker 1996After Jordan announces his retirement from the game, he follows in his father’s footsteps and turns to a career in baseball. Meanwhile, a group of criminal aliens called ‘The Nerdlucks’, led by their boss Mister Swackhammer plot to capture the Looney Tunes characters, who really exist in a secret animated world called Tune Land, and make them their newest attractions at Moron Mountain, a failing amusement park.  Watch Space Jam Putlocker Streaming Free Swackhammer believes enslaving the Tunes in this way will bring in more customers and save Moron Mountain from foreclosure. They arrive in Tune Land, and, seeing how short the aliens are, the Tunes, aided by a new arrival named Lola Bunny, bargain for their freedom by challenging the Nerdlucks to a basketball game Watch “Space Jam” Online Free Preparing to cheat in the game, the Nerdlucks return to Earth and steal the Talent of Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson, Charles Barkley, Muggsy Bogues, and Shawn Bradley, who are rendered incapable of playing basketball as a result Space Jam Putlocker Watch Full Movie The Nerdlucks use the stolen Talent to transform into gigantic creatures that the Looney Tunes are unable to defeat, re-naming themselves the Monstars in the process