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The Ant Bully

Watch The Ant Bully Putlocker Full Movie The shrinking of a human child to ant size so he can see how his actions affect the “little” things is OK if not a bit mundane. The jokes are not really that funny and the whole adventure of battling the exterminator is rather rushed and not very exciting, however it is a fantasy that does have a moral and is handled in an even handed manner Watch The Ant Bully Online Putlocker 2006The problem here is that the we have been in this world before and there is nothing fresh and it all seems as though it is time to venture elsewhere in the known universe to visit our pix-elated friends. There is enough excitement to keep the toddlers attention but for the rest of us along for the ride, we have seen better and do expect something a bit more artistically enriched  Watch The Ant Bully Putlocker Streaming Free
The story revolves around the adventures of young Lucas. He’s a young kid being bullied by the bigger kids in the neighbourhood and who takes out his frustrations by regularly destroying one of the anthills in his yard. Out for revenge, the ant wizard develops a potion that shrinks Lucas down into an ant-sized human, and the ants kidnap him and carry him back to the nes Watch “The Ant Bully” Online Free Rather than destroying him, though, the ants decide to try to turn him into an ally by teaching him what it’s like to be an ant. Nicknamed “Peanut the Destroyer” (Peanut being the name his mom calls him, and The Destroyer being what the ants called him) Lucas does learn from his new friends, especially Hova, he joins in the defence of the colony against an attack by wasps, and finally he becomes the inspiration for a plan to work together with the wasps to defeat an exterminator who’s there to destroy both nests The Ant Bully Putlocker Watch Full Movie The story teaches the value of co-operation in overcoming big odds, and it’s a very overt (appropriately so) anti-bullying message. It’s a cute story, a little bit reminiscent of an animated version of “Honey I Shrunk The Kids.” There’s not enough to really hold an adult captivated, but it should entertain the kids