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The Internship

Watch The Internship Putlocker Full Movie The Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson generation gap comedy “The Internship” is essentially crap. This lame-brained comedy isn’t a tenth as hilarious as their first movie together “Wedding Crashers Watch The Internship Online Putlocker 2013 Indeed, this lowest common denominator laffer about two desperate ‘old school’ clock salesmen who don’t even know their own company has folded is nothing special. Vaughn relies on his obnoxious motor-mouth skills to generate humor, while Wilson deploys his blonde, surfer dude good looks to hook women Watch The Internship Putlocker Streaming Free Date Night” director Shaun Levy doesn’t get much mileage out of anything in this predictable but harmless farce about diversity in the workplace Watch “The Internship” Online Free The surprises and revelations in “The Internship” qualify as few and far between, and the outcome isn’t quite as tantalizing as it could have been The Internship Putlocker Watch Full Movie Vaughn penned the screenplay with the help of Jared Stern from his own story. Nothing in “The Internship” stands out, except for the grueling efforts that our protagonists go to so they can rejuvenate their careers