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The Road to El Dorado

Watch  The Road to El Dorado Putlocker Full Movie After seeing countless GIFs on Tumblr and then coming across the title on a list of “underrated animated films,” I finally acquired The Road to El Dorado and watched it last night Watch  The Road to El Dorado Online Putlocker 2013
Without beating around the bush, by the time the credits scrolled, I was a little disappointed. Granted, I propose that my lackluster reaction is somewhat unjustified because I knew virtually nothing about the film before watching it and therefore wasn’t really expecting anything in particular; my only prior knowledge was the basic plot executed by Dreamworks in an unmistakable Disney-like visual style Watch  The Road to El Dorado Putlocker Streaming Free There were a few things throughout the entire ninety-minute run that I couldn’t help but question; like how the main antagonist’s magic was never really explained, Miguel’s immediate forgiveness of Tulio (who learned no explicit lessons), and a couple of anti-climaxes here and there, particularly in the end when the Big Bad is defeated after a rushed action sequence with no formal confrontation to the protagonists Watch ” The Road to El Dorado” Online Free In fact, that’s a good word to describe the entire film: “rushed.” The plot progression was executed comprehensibly, but it was just a little fast and lazy, and there were quite a few plot Macguffins that were painfully obvious. Most notable the horse, who regularly committed to actions and executions better than the humans did  The Road to El Dorado Putlocker Watch Full Movie Not to mention that I was put under the strong impression that the movie is just an instant-rice mish-mash of all kinds of clichés. For example, the main protagonist was certainly a Starscream to some notable extent. The behaviors of Miguel and Tulio were typical Cane/Able-esque. The whole “liar reveal” thing was the main driving plot of the story, and of course, we’ve seen that type of storytelling a thousand times over in movies